Saturday, October 5, 2019

Article Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 8

Review - Article Example The research design is effective and efficient because it truly measures the reactions of the children having intellectual disability or the autism. Different types of tokens are used against the desired behaviors to reinforce the children and then their reactions are recorded to develop the conclusions. The dependent variable is the reaction of the child who is facing autism problem or the intellectual disability. According to the research article, the dependent variable is influencing the research studies up to a great extent. The old studies says that the token systems are effective tools to shape the behaviors but the dependent variables, in our article, says that these token systems cannot be generalized in either way (Matson, 2009). A real record of evidences is provided in the form of a table having the reactions of the children towards different instincts. These evidences play an important role in developing the hypothese and thus draw the conclusion of the research activity. The authors whose work has been cited in the article, are generalizing the effectiveness of the token money but in actually the results shows that the technique of token system lacks generalization (Randolph, 2009). We cannot say that every person or specifically child may react to these reinforces in the same way. According to the results of the research processes, the patients of intellectual disability or autism are not reacting to the reinforcement, which is created by the token, or the tickets of the desired behavior. For example some children suffering from autism are offered tokens against their favorite toys to shape their behaviors but they do not react in the way as it is expected. The conclusion is based on the research findings of the article. The research findings says that the effectiveness of the token money was incredible in the initial times but as the time

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