Thursday, November 21, 2019

Saving Our Public Schools Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Saving Our Public Schools - Assignment Example She believes that social reform is the key to solving most of the problems in the public school system, as they are a direct result of poverty and racial discrimination. Only through initiating policies that are combat poverty and segregation, could the public school system improve. She is also against the use of grades to assess teachers, proposing that their peers and principals should do the assessment. Testing of the students should also be for assessing their strengths and weaknesses and not for ranking purposes. She also recognizes the need to standardize resource allocation to be more equitable across the board as a key issue towards the improvement of public schooling. The privatization of public schooling, in Ms Ravitch’s opinion, will lead to a dual system, where those who can afford to pay for private schooling get into better schools and the poor in the society will be in mediocre schools. IN the interests of democracy, this should not happen. Ms Ravitch mainly uses a cause-and –effect organizational pattern in her essay. This features prominently throughout this text. When she links the move to privatize the public school system to the creation of a dual education system, which segregates the rich, and the poor, which further leads towards affecting the very fabric of the American democratic system, which is equality. This is one of the many examples of a multi-tier cause and effect organizational structures present in the essay. One of the uses of prepositional phrases, is evidenced in the sentence ‘They are being used by those who have an implacable hostility towards the public sector’, in this sentence the preposition is ‘towards’ which uses the modifiers ‘implacable hostility’ to show, effectively, the opinions of the move for privatizations towards the public.. Ms. Ravitch switches voice effectively between the first person and

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