Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Marriage Is Important in Turkey Essay

I cannot imagine a Turkey without marriage. Marriage in literal meaning the contract made by a man and woman to live as husband and wife but in religious meaning Marriage is valued as a sacrament because the couple is keeping each other’s merits intact by committing themselves and by committing to God that they both will keep God’s word. Islamic belief, having a family and sexuality are some of the reasons why marriage is important. Marriage is a crucial part of a Turkish Muslim’s life because God ordered us to get married and the prophet Muhammad (s.a.v.) said that person who acquires the means to marry and does not marry then he is not from amongst us. The scholars of Islam have asserted that when God states an order in the Quran, this order becomes compulsory on man so marriage is an obligatory behaviour. Islam gives the right to a woman to be a wife of a man. This is a big distinctness because in these days a man is not guilty if he has relationships with a w oman outside of marriage but the moment he contracts to treat this woman equally as his wife, he is charged with illegal behaviour. Marriage is the foundation for a family in Turkey. If one wants children he/she should get married because children need role-models in their lives. Having a mother and father in the home can provide children with a male and female role model. Children need both parents because each parent provides a unique role to the child. There are certain qualities that a mother possesses that cannot be offered by the father. Where families are broken young people do not receive the support they need. Nowadays fornication is considered to be something which one should feel proud of with a ‘the more the better’ motto. Many teenagers are led into this behaviour and then suffer the consequences when they are left to look after the child and struggle through the financial problems. The circumstances of fornication in society can create an unfortunate and challenging upbringing. Fornication plays an extremely important part in the fall of society. What makes it worse is that today’s society has considered it to be a small matter. In fact in modern society, fornication is not even considered wrong but marriage reduces the possibility of it because the sexual intercourse between husband and wife is not considered as an immoral behaviour in society of Turkey. To sum up, According to Islam marriage is compulsory and God stated in Quran that wed the single among you and we can see from this verse that the Creator of mankind has ordered us to marry. Marriage is a crucial factor in the proper upbringing of children. This is because children without one of their parents are much more likely to commit crimes and they become a nuisance to the cities they live in. Marriage plays a big part in preventing one from fornication and decreases the numbers of adulterines.

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