Monday, September 9, 2019

Apple Services and iOS Systems Information Sharing Dissertation

Apple Services and iOS Systems Information Sharing - Dissertation Example The literature review chapter stated the pros and cons of the information sharing system along with highlighting the loopholes in the iOS and problems faced by users. It was found that third parties applications along with insiders and hackers play an important and significant role in leaking private and confidential information that often affects the privacy of users. It was also found that the majority of users do not have an idea over the breach of security and its implications that can be considered as a major issue. The research methodology chapter presented an overview of different elements of the methodology along with justifying the overall preference in a logical manner. The chapter also offered the importance of each element in terms of accomplishing the proposed research objectives. The findings and analysis chapter revealed that majority of the interviewed participants believed that, breach of security happens mainly because of the use of WiFi, sharing of ID, and access o f information by the insiders of the company, and by the attack of hackers. It was also found that not many were aware of safeguarding their privacy and security and was assumed as a major issue. ... ionale for the Research Topic 7 1.7 Scope of the Research 7 1.8: Proposed Methodology 7 1.9: Outline of the Dissertation 8 1.10: Summary 9 Section 2.0 Literature Review 10 2.1 Introduction 10 2.2 Information Sharing System 10 2.3 Benefits of Information Sharing System 12 2.4 Challenges of Information Sharing 14 2.5 Apple’s Breach of Security 16 2.6: Summary 21 Section 3.0 Research Methodology 22 3.1 Introduction 22 3.2 Research Philosophy 22 3.3 Research Approach 23 3.4 Research Design 23 3.5 Data Collection Methods 24 3.6 Sampling 24 3.7. Ethical Considerations 25 3.7: Strengths and Limitations of the Methodology 25 3.8: Summary 25 Section 4.0 Findings and Analysis 26 4.1 Introduction 26 4.2 Critical Analysis of Interviews 27 4.3: Summary 35 Section 5 Conclusion and Recommendations 36 5.1 Introduction 36 5.2: Conclusion 36 5.3: Recommendations for IOS System and Information Sharing 41 5.4: Recommendations for Future Research 41 5.5: Summary 42 BIBLIOGRAPHY 43 CHAPTER-1: INTRO DUCTION 1.1: Introduction In today’s world, business, and society is driven by the use of technologies that often shape human minds and activities in a significant manner. With the advent of computers, human beings were exposed to numerous opportunities making their life simple. With the introduction of Smartphones, it became all the more easy to get connected to anyone in any part of the world along with doing wide arrays of works like playing games, listening to games, checking emails, making business presentation, and sharing and receiving information through social media, GPS, and GPRS (Browning, 2000). All these things have made life simple yet a bit complicated in many ways.

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