Monday, September 23, 2019

The Effect of performance appraisal policies on the Level of the Thesis Proposal

The Effect of performance appraisal policies on the Level of the Employees Engagement in Hail University- Saudi Arabia (Women Branch) - Thesis Proposal Example independent variables in affecting mediating variables of peer pressure is investigated and this is then weighed against the outcome of dependent variables pertaining to employee engagement levels.After postulating the problem statement and indicating the purpose of the research, the research questions of the study are then posited. This is followed by the framework of the research and a discussion of the various variables. This is followed by a research methodology section which indicates how data is to be collected. This will be by conducting a qualitative and quantitative study of employee engagement levels in Hail University, Saudi Arabia women’s branch, by collecting and reviewing both primary and secondary sources of data. Employee engagement is affected by a number of factors. Bakker and Demerouti (2008) indicate a variety of factors such as job resources, the salience of such resources and personal resources as some of such factors that affect employee engagement. The importance of employee engagement is underscored by the associated benefits of this engagement. Such benefits include improved performance and a willingness on the part of the employee to go the extra mileBakker and Demerouti (2008). Other surveys have found such employee engagement to be positively related in-role performance. These are just some of the benefits that are expected when employees are engaged in their work. One of the many factors that can be expected to affect employee engagement levels is performance appraisal policies of an organization. This is because performance appraisal policies are policies, and like any other policy; they are bound to affect the relationship that exists between the employee and the organization. Performance appraisal is usually targeted at assessing employees’ productivity and determining whether they are working in accordance to the company’s goals and objectives. Moreover, such appraisal is then used to determine appropriate rewards and/or

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