Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Cocaine Base (Crack Cocaine)As mentioned above, powder cocain cannot be smoked unless chemicallyaltered apply the dangerous freebasing technique. Late summer of 1985, NewYork City drug dealers put an end to the need for freebasing powder cocaine.These same drug entrepreneurs would revolutionize the sale of cocaine andbring terror to the streets of America.The exact inventor of crack cocaine is unknown, but the lasting effects oftheir discovery is well documented. The benefits of cocaine base (crack) forthe drug dealers take a crap only been surpassed by the problems it has created forsociety in general. In many ways crack is the perfect drug. As we will see,crack cocaine was a bias of marketing genius.Powder cocaine is messy and hard to handle, crack however is a hard Imagerock-like substance easy to handle and conceal. Powder cocaine hasto be inhaled or injected. Inhaling cocaine creates a variety of sinus andnasal problems. Inhaling also takes longer for the drug to take affec t.Injecting powder cocaine to get a dampen and faster high became veryunpopular with advent of the A.I.D.S. crisis. Powder cocaine is frequentlycut or mixed with a variety of substances in nightclub to raise profit mar- ginsof drug dealers. This has made purchasing powder cocaine more hazardous forthe drug abuser as they cannot be sure of the matter of the drug they arebuying. Finally, freebasing was thought too dangerous a prospect for mostcocaine users. Crack cocaine overcame all these detractors to cocaine usage.Crack cocaine is easily manufactured from powder cocaine without dangeroussolvents, using common household ingredients. Crack is smokeable, creatingan intense and immediate high. There is no need for needles, nor is therethe damage to nasal and sinus passages associated with "snorting" cocaine.Crack is nearly pure cocaine. Dosages of crack are smaller, meaning there isno need for diluting the cocaine with miscellaneous substances. Because of thesmaller dosage s, crack is more profitable for the dealer. The smaller dosageunits also mean it is cheaper for the user to purchase a small amount andget high. The cheaper determine per unit also makes it available to broader

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