Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Supernatural in Shakespeares Macbeth - The Naturally Supernatural :: GCSE Coursework Macbeth Essays

The Supernatural in Macbeth Writers often use supernatural to wreak suspense and interest to their work. The Witches and ghosts create a sense of horror as well as foreshadow what entrust happen next. Ghosts and apparitions legitimately took over MacBeths emotions and fears. For example in the opening scene witches are used to create an atmosphere of horror and suspense. Later in the scene the ghost of Banquo appears at the dinner party table and drives Macbeth mad. His wife trys to calm him but she cant and Macbeth has the people at the table getting awfully suspicious. Again we see it when Macbeth saw the dagger, he is seeing things cod to guilt. The witches foresaw what happened through the play by telling Macbeth his future as well as Banquo. Ghosts made the audience feel scared the sky black and the squirm misty. Witches in the play did prophecise to Macbeth that he would be king. Macbeth knowing this information became curious, knowing that Duncan was king he wondered ho w he would acheive the position. So he did indeed kill Duncan at a lower place the guidance of the three witches. The witches in this play in terms of ghosts are concerned, we see they are not human or half ways familiar when baquo quotes to Macbeth that are not human like as well as irregular in some sort and very unattractive. This leaves a feeling of nefariousness for example the sky is black and the grass is gray instead of green the branches on the tress are short and rotting. The witches were Macbeths fortune tellers but they petabyte him a bad life In the end. Ghosts and apparitions not only drove Macbeth to his grave but also gave him up. When he kills Duncan there is a sense of real guilt. We see him qualifying crazy and feeling extreme guilt when immediately after he kills him he sais to his wife what a sorry sight and she tells him to waive worrying about Duncan and to get on with his life. She also tells him to stop being a coward, and that killing was the only opt ion. In actuality it is not because a murder will never stay secret. Ghosts were a big factor in this play but guilt plays a part as well, a much large part. Guilt led to the witnessing of ghosts. For example when Macbeth hosts the dinner he witnesses baquos ghost this has an affect of pity for Macbeth as far as the audience is concerned, Macbeth himself from guilt is going crazy.

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