Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Is Grendel Evil? Essay -- essays research papers

In a world of chaos, he who lives, lives by his own laws and values. Who is to say that the death of millions is any worse or better, for that matter, than injuring a cockroach. And in the case of an following power in the form of God, who is presumed to be all which is good, presiding and ruling an organized universe, why then does evil exist? The prosaic response of without evil, there is no good no longer holds any validity in this argument as the admitted goal of good is to click an existence without evil. So even if a God does exist, I think it is fair, at this point, to say that he is the embodiment of both good and evil. And if humoring those who would dissolver the previous question with the response that there can be no good without evil, then can we assume that evil is simply a subsection of a defined good? Or perhaps even a good thing? If it is essential, those who chose the cheek of evil are simply abiding by good values. In the case of a world ruled by Chaos, evil i s a non-existent word or value, rather. The system upon which a persons actions are judged also disappears leaving vigor but an instinct for natural survival as basic and primary as the life within the forests which we lacerate down to build our houses. Ethics is a wide field of philosophical study to which the core of every question within falls to one side of a blurred line. On the right, is good the value which is popularly believed to be the correct alignment for which a person should live their life according to. On the left, is evil that which is the cause of most hu human being misery, and prevents peace on earth. In John Gardners book Grendel, the retelling of the ages old story Beowulf, further blurs the line mingled with good and evil. Circumstance and perhaps a confused view of reality allow the monster, Grendel, to conceivably defend his evil beliefs. In order to better perceive evil, using Grendel as a guide, I intend to attempt to justify it.Grendel is born a neut ral being, perhaps even good, but nevertheless, without hate. The transition which he undergoes to become evil is due to misunder goings between himself and humans and also meeting with a dragon who is questionably evil. As a young monster, Grendel knew nothing other than the cave he lived in and his mother who could not speak any distinguishable language. He was a playful creature who seemed to be give care a bla... ...orals is an act of creation. A religious act. Murder and Mayhem are the life and soulrevolution The essence of good in evil is contained within this speech given by Red Horse. That which should be, will come from revolution. The people will fight for what they consider is the truth and if certain morals or institutions stand in the way of that, they must be torn down. The reason for destruction is to actually create anew what is better for existence. This is what I believe the old man is trying to say. That sheer brutality, and that which is considered evil, is the only way to achieve change and therefore a newer, better way of life. It is a concept which sounds harsh and uncompromisingly unkind to those who are on the opposing end, but it is actually similar to sociologys conflict theory. Without conflict, and therefore the resolution of conflict, there can be no change. Without change, life stiff stagnant and in the same cycle of trading one mans pain for another mans happiness. Therefore, without evil as a means to achieving good, the world would remain a constant struggle without advancements of living and without advancements of life.

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