Monday, June 10, 2019

4 questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

4 questions - Essay ExampleLeadership has been in existence since the traditional terms where stack elected chiefs and warrior who represented small groups of people and has been developed to the kind of leadership today where people elect presidents and governors who represent larger groups.It is the study of knowledge application on action of people, several(prenominal) actions, and group actions in an organisation. Organizational behavior therefore tends to interpret organizational relationships basing facts on an individual person, a group of individuals, or the whole social system.The take of organizational behavior is to improve the relationship among people in an organization by achieving all the objectives (human, organizational and social) at a go. An example of its application is a situation whereby the human resource manager carries out a research to understand the employees so that their personal objectives are achieved while at the same time the objectives of the or ganization are achieved. Most organizations operate according to the four models of organizational behavior which are autocratic, custodial supportive and collegialization.Politics dates back in the seventeenth century when leadership was introduced and the competition for the leadership position influenced the rise of politics. Politics can be defined as the influencing other people on a civil level or it can also refer to the process of controlling the community or state in an organized manner. Politics assume things such as influencing people to ones political views, making laws, exercising equality among the people and negotiation with other political subjects.The level of politics depends upon the number of people that the politician is leading and the power that the group has. An example of a political situation is the government of USA where Obama is the president and this is the highest rank of

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