Monday, June 17, 2019

Executive summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Executive summary - Essay ExampleIn 1990, European identity was formed. This was encouraged by values like poverty eradication, job creation, environmental protection, war rejection, freedom and democracy, human rights and European culture diversification (Polonska & Kimunguyi, 107).American media had dominated in 1980s. This enabled regular army to dominate the whole world in terms of imagery and even power. Western Europe countries likewise started to dominate the media but in minor way. by technological development, some parts of Western Europe were able to have TV channels. Introduction of satellites made communication easier but western European media failed to introduce. Therefore, the European media was sidelined (Polonska & Kimunguyi, 108).In 1980, European fought cultural imperialism involving itself more on the media industries. An initiative c totallyed European Initiative was formed. Television channels were introduced since they were known to be more influential. This led to the humans of the Euronews. Euronews majors on current affairs and news only. It started broadcasting in five languages but currently it does broadcasting in twelve languages. It broadcasts to 333 million households (Polonska & Kimunguyi, 110).Euronews covers all stories from regions and these stories must be relevant to the European citizen. Its journalists ensure that national allusions and references are adhered to. Journalists write their own accounts. The stories they give should balance view where objectivity is the main draw rein (Polonska & Kimunguyi, 112).Currently, Euronews is trying to reach the whole world. It is broadcasting in twelve languages. This ensures that it is hunting the whole world. Euronews is reaching many countries in the world because European Union is also going global (Polonska & Kimunguyi,

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