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Thorpe Parks history Essay Example for Free

Thorpe parks history EssayIn 1970, the site was an active gravel pit owned by Ready Mix Concrete and in 1971 march was granted for the construction of a 500 acre Water car park. Thunder River and its surrounding ara were developed in 1987, and 1988 saw the opening of the 630 seat atomic number 46 Theatre. In 1989 Canada Creek, incorporating Loggers Leap, was developed. Since 1991 mevery attractions have been added. In 1996, X/No Way Out, the worlds foremost pitch dark, backward roller coaster was introduced and for two years running, in 1996 and 1997, Thorpe lay was voted the most Parent-Friendly leisure in the UK. Pearsons, who owned The Tussauds Group, bought Thorpe Park in 1998. On 19th October 1998 it was announced that Pearson had sold the Tussauds Group to Charterhouse Development Capital for i 352m. Europes first 4D Cinema experience, Pirates 4D was opened in 1999 and in 2000, Europes highest water ride, Tidal Wave was added to the excitement of Thorpe Park. The Tus sauds Group Vision and Mission Vision Entertaining People. Mission To gift real growth in profits to take Europes leading entertainment world- across-the-board.The Marketing De small-armment are a small team who work across both Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures. It is the oerall responsibility of the Marketing dept to ensure that the brand identities of the two Parks are maintained in all dialogue both on and off the Parks. They do this by means of first identifying the brand identity, target market, and visual representation of the brand, ie the logo. For Thorpe Park the target market is families with children over 12. Each year the marketing department will put a marketing plan together which covers the following areasProduct. Although almost with out exception a new attraction is launched each year, and the main launch communication will focus on that, general communication about the rest of the Park is required. shank Parks provide a whole day out for the fam ily and its not just bout the rides. The other attractions, places to eat, games, photography, the atmosphere all play an important part in delivering a great day out. Pricing. There is a complex pricing structure for the Park which looks to maximise the revenue the Park female genital organ fulfill with its targeted number of gibberors.Marketing will review the pricing each year and along with the finance department look at how the budgeted targets can be achieved by the pricing matrix. Advanced sales are important to the business so tickets booked in advance are discounted, also those booked via the Internet are further discounted as this is a more efficient way for us to produce the tickets. Advanced tickets reduce the queues at admissions as visitors already have their tickets and can go straight in to the Park. Promotion.Promotion of the Park happens via a number of different communication channels. Advertising. This is generally broken down into two areas the creative exe rtion of the advert and then the choice of where to place that advert, TV, Radio, Press etc. For the year 2002 communication for Thorpe Park is the launch of the Worlds First 10 Looping Coaster, Colossus, targeting a late teen market. New adverts will be created for both TV and radio use. Promotions. Promotions are very import in incentivising visitors to come to the Park.The incentive is generally each a Buy One get One Free mechanic or a discount of the full adult or child price. Thorpe Park runs promotions on its own or in conjunction with the Tussauds Group, ie Tesco. Promotions are often run with a wide variety of retail and media partners, newspaper, or solus via a direct mail campaign to surrounding homes. Public Relations. This area is all about getting positive exposure in the media, TV, Radio and Press. This is generally achieved through issuing Press Releases and conducting interviews with journalists.Measuring the Success. Throughout the year, how the Park is doing aga inst its financial targets is constantly reviewed, but in addition Marketing conducts ongoing research in to how the Park is performing on a daily basis. Questionnaires are handed out to visitors as they leave asking them to rank the rides experiences, eating places, how friendly and helpful the stave were, etc. This provides information on where things may be going wrong and how to put them right. New Media is a crucial area for involvement now and in the future.In addition to maintaining its own site www. thorpepark. com, the Marketing department looks to exploit other opportunities for advertising, promotions and PR on other sites. Use of agencies. Thorpe Park uses a wide variety of agencies as they bring different areas of expertise and experience to the Park. We use and advertising agency to create the TV, Radio ads etc and also for all the intent work for the Gate Map. The space for the TV, Radio slots etc is purchased by a media buying agency. We also use a Sales Promotion a gency, PR agency and Internet design agencies.Some of these are different agencies to those used for Chessington World of Adventures. Corporate Hospitality makes it possible for businesses to entertain their guests at Thorpe Park. Thousands of corporate guests can be catered for at any one time, or even hire the whole Park for an evening. Education. An establishment like Thorpe Park offers the opportunity for students studying the leisure industry, business or animals to visit the Park and find out more about their subject. For this reason, it is possible for groups to incorporate an educational talk into their visit.

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