Sunday, June 2, 2019

A Thousand Splendid Suns :: Literary Analysis, Nana, Mariam, Laila

The novel A Thousand Splendid Suns explores the plight of women in Afghanistan the focus is put on three women Nana, Mariam and Laila. Women in Afghanistan often face difficult and abject situations. In this essay we will understand some of these unfortunate situations for women. Let us start with Nana Mariams mother. Nana gets pregnant and is thrown out of her current home. The wives demanded he throw her out(Hosseini 6). Her father disowns her. Nanas own father, who was a lowly treasure carver in the nearby village of Gul Daman, disowned her. Disgraced, he packed his things, never to be seen or heard from again(6). She lives the rest of her life in a small hut while Mariams father lives in a mansion. And so, your father built us this rathole(9). She lives her life as a single mother. Her only fall out of every getting married was destroyed by her having an attack. The wedding dress was stashed away. After that, there were no more suitors(10). Next let us examine Mariams plight . She is denied the chance to go to school. Whats the sense schooling a girl like you? Its like shinning a spitspoon. She lives with a cruel mother. You are a clumsy miniature harami. This is my reward for everything Ive endured. An heirloom-breaking, clumsy little harmi(4). She has a neglectful father. Mariam kept thinking of his face in the upstairs window. He let her sleep on the street. On the street. Mariam cried lying down(35). Her mother commits suicide and Mariam blames herself. You stop that. These thoughts are no good, Mariam jo. You hear me, child? No good. They will destroy you. It wasnt your fault. It wasnt your fault no. Mariam nodded, however as desperately as she wanted to she could not bring herself to believe him(44). She is forced into marriage to a man she does not love. I dont want to, Mariam said. She looked at Jalil. I dont want this. Dont make me(47). She is sent to live in a strange city were she does not know anyone. She has a physically abusive husband. thence he was gone, leaving Mariam to spit out pebbles, blood, and the fragments of two broken molars(104). Her husband is cruel and says hurtful words to her. She can not do anything right in his eyes. When he is not ignoring her he is being verbally or physically abusive towards her.

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